arctic monkeys’ humbug hair - palasharp, 2010 +

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When musicians have that face that just says “Baby I was made to break your heart”

Arctic Monkeys - Black Treacle (live at Casino de Paris)


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Sit next to me, before i go.

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Pistoia Blues Festival 2014, Italy - x

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i was tagged by jamiecooking thank you!!

1. What’s your name? Sylwia

2. When’s your birthday? october 5

3. Where are you from? Poland (Italy/eu?)

4. Have a crush? people that dosen’t even know i exist are accepted?

5. What’s your favourite colour? green maybe

6. Write something in all caps? SOMEONE PISSED ME OFF DON’T TALK TO ME

7. Got a favorite band/artist? Arctic Monkeys and (less than AM) Madonna

8. Favorite number? 26

9. Favorite drink?  water and tonic water

10. Tag seven people: alexsodark allyourstoriesarestale blondosonichellcat alexhandsometurner arctic—kane ardicmonkeys artemou and whoever wants to do it :)

If you already did it or don’t want to do it just ignore, i’m sorry!

And Corso sorry for tagging you on every kind of post while you’re away, i hope you ain’t gonna kill me 


jamie is sick of ur shit, alex

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Will The Last Shadow Puppets release anything soon? +

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