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  • WiFi:connected
  • Me:then fucking act like it
  • "Tearing me apart whit words you wouldn’t say
    and suddenly tommorow’s a moment washed away”

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    Hey guys! So I just hit 1k followers and I wanted to do a follow forever. Honestly, you guys are all so lovely and amazing and you make me so happy. Thank you for sticking around with me this far! AND THANK YOU FOR TOLERATING ME. The people in bold are my friends


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    Am I the only one crying over the perfection of Alex Turner voice?


    @alexflirtybastard replied to your post “alexflirtybastard replied to your post:okay why are the tags right up…”

    i can’t handle so many changes, IT’S NOT THE FIRST ONE THIS MONTH

    wait, what were the other changes?

    yes like the grey line, it was moved and you can see it finishes and crashes with the black, i don’t really know how to explain it haha

    sorry for bothering you, do you know about a list of all the AM and Alex covers?


    Its no problem babe xx covers that they have done?

    well the ones that i know of are;

    They also covered Katy B’s ‘On a Mission’ and Drakes ‘Just Hold On We’re Going Home’ in the radio one live lounge, BBC’s You Tube channel should still have them. Then they covered Tame Impala’s ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ and ‘Strange’ by Patsy Cline for Triple J and those videos are on you tube as well. 

    Also there is a compilation album on youtube called ‘Straighten the Rudder’ which is acoustic performances so there may be some covers in there as well. 

    Alex as part of the last shadow puppets did;

    'In The Heat Of The Morning' - David Bowie

    'Wondrous Place' - Billy Fury

    'Paris Summer' - Lee Hazlewood

    'She's So Heavy' - The Beatles

    'SOS' - Rihanna

    'My Little Red Book' - Burt Bacharach

    these should all be available on youtube, as well as a ‘live at the electric’ performance they did for the BBC electric proms which may contain more covers.

    Hope this helps!!

    Georgie you’re an angel